Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Monday 16th January 2018 - The mean dad.....

That's me according to some. Why? Because my children don't have a mobile phone or Facebook. We have been branded many things because of the stand we have taken. Including, according to one person, endangering our child's life.
We make no apology for the position we take. I think it is well known how much time some kids spend on a mobile phone and the lengths they will go to avoid detection of using one. Facebook and other social media are well known and have been well documented regarding cyber bullying. Just in the last month a young lass took her own life because of years of cyber bullying. Do I want that for my kids? Do you want that for yours? I think not.
We have three kids. Aged from seven to fourteen. They don't have and won't have a mobile phone or Facebook until they are sixteen. One reason is safety. I don't want my children subject to any form of bullying. Full stop. End of story. They face enough pressures in real life. I want them to grow up enjoying the world around. The natural pleasures and innocence of childhood and growing up accordingly.
Also we cannot afford the extra financial pressure of one more phone.
But I will still came back to this recent high profile suicide of a popular figure. She was the face of Acrubra hats. She was very pretty. And seem to have it all. But there was this dark side. The side most of us never see. And it was relentless.
I will happily be branded the mean dad. It's a badge I wear with honour and pride.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Saturday 10th January 2018

This is from a friend's Facebook page. It is very relevant. All three of my kids are very good readers. I have always maintained that they were really just average kids who were given opportunities at the right time. They/we were in the right place at the right time doing, what to us seemed the right thing to do. I am not sure when I started reading to Michele our eldest. I was always concerned that she was fed a literacy diet of age appropriate Christian books. So I read to her. Daily. We painstaking Brailled books so Stepanie, who is blind, could also read to them. As time went by, Michele started reading for herself. I still read to her. Christian and none Christian books. They had to be short and have pictures that related to the text.
Fast forward fourteen years. Now we still read to each other. Daily. It is part of our daily devotions. Currently we are reading through the Book of Ruth from the Bible. We all have different versions of the Bible. No matter. We each read one verse at a time. Each takes their turn until we finish the passage. This is followed by open discussion and questions. No question is not allowed and there are no wrong answers. Respect for the King is required. This is followed by round table prayer. Each person is required to thank Christ Jesus for at least one thing and then ask Jesus for one thing.
Michele is 14, Cathy is nearly 11 and Timothy is 7. All are above average students. I don't believe any are particularly "gifted ". We just put into practice the words from the image.
Enough for now.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

6th January 2018.

It has been a long time. A very long time. Our children are now 14, 10 and 7.
Stephanie has seen big changes in her working live. From teaching piano, to now content writing for various company's. Lots grey hair now. Me too. Is that caused by age or kids or both.
2016 was spent, in the first place, by keeping civil authorities happy due to an incident that occurred mid 2015. And ended with me in hospital with a ruptured lung. I am still recovering from that.
Michele is in grade nine this year. It will be a big year for her as she transitions from junior high to senior. She has done well with her education so far. More importantly, she is changing from a girl to a young woman. I believe she is more mature. Still defiant, but not so much. Why? Her age. Plus years of training and staying the course. Also recognising that she is changing. She is more dependable. And so is given more responsibility.
Cathy is 10' 11 at the end of February. She loves cooking. Also serving others. Our church, St Luke's Anglican also runs a cafe. Cathy would live there if she could. Grade 6 for her this year. Last year at Karingal Primary School for Cathy.
Timothy is 7. All boy. Lots of noise. He can be full of energy. But then he surprises us all. He will tidy up without being asked. He is the one at school who is the cooperative child. The helpful child. At home he can be the same. If I am in the garage pottering around, he will be close by.
For me this year brings big changes. My plan is to retire on the 2nd September. This will be an anniversary date. I started with the West Australian Government Railway on Thursday 1972. That will make it 46 years in the rail industry. Long enough?
So our current Prime Minister doesn't think we are entitled to an age pension. He's right. I earned my age pension. 46 years of paying taxes. I have never drawn unemployment benefit. I have been in taxe schemes to try to dodge paying my fair share of taxes to support our country.
I'll get off my soap box now. For now.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday 30 May

Today is Stephanie's birthday. She got lots of presents. Some we don't talk about in blogs or in polite company. See her hair. That's one of the presents. No, the hair belongs to Stephanie. But last Thursday she had it cut, coloured, shampooed, and straightened. That was the first of her presents. 
Here is another. 
It's called a Beatspil II. I call it a boom box. I have one I use at work. Stephanie fell in love with it, so I got her one. It's red. That does mean it goes faster. But they do have an amazing sound quality. And they are so user friendly. I think that is one reason why she likes it so much. 
Then there was chocolates.
We have a tradition in this home for birthdays. What ever you want for your evening meal, you get. There is a shaghetti place that is excellent. Spaghetti Sofia it is called. And there is a dish by the same name. That was Stephanie's choice. And what the lady wants the lady gets. 
Oh, and then this afternoon she wanted an Android Tablet. So we went shopping for that. She paid for that. 
No, it's not too much. She is worth every last little bit of effort. Nothing is too much. Neither it should be. 
Then there is the birthday cake. Chocolate of course. No candles. But we did sing. Badly. But good all the same. 
Happy Birthday sweetheart. 73 today. 
Till next time...........

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday 8th May 2015 - Bragging

Today Tim had his one week X-ray. His broken arm is almost totally healed. The brake is still visible - just. The doctor wants to see him in five weeks time when the plaster cast will be removed. That was the good news. The bad was that he threw a massive hissy fit when we got home. All because he didn't want to wear a new arm sling that the doctor gave him. He spent well over an hour in his bedroom getting over it.
Cathy was amazingly tolerant. She was trying to do her reading and had to put up with loads of interruptions. She growned a lot but that was all. Good kid.
Michele has almost finished her pyjama pants she started making around a month ago. Not bad considering she only gets to work on them once a week on a Friday night.
Sunday here in Australia is Mother's Day. A certain lady will be very pampered on that day. She will be a lady of leisure that day.
Part of today's bible reading was from Psalm 32.
Psalm 32:1-2 Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity,And in whose spirit there is no deceit.
Till next time............

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wednesday 6th May 2015 - Pinnacle

What's pinnacle got to do with anything? It's all to do with St Lukes Anglican Church here in Frankston. There are two Bible Reading plans in this Church. I think I have the link correct. The two plans are Basic and Everest. Everest is for those of us who are polishing our halos. It doesn't mean we are better than anyone else.
So, Everest for today was 2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51 and Matthew 23. It's basically about hypocrisy and covering sin. Deception is at the heart of it. King David was at the height of his career. King of Israel, defeating all in his path. Just about unstoppable. Enter woman. A drop dead gorgeous hunk of female flesh. And she was bathing. On her roof. Naked. Not a stitch on. And King David goes for a walk on his roof. And spots her. From there it's all down hill. It finishes with the death of their first child. Why? Not because they were adulterous. But because he tried to cover the sin. Fail. God tells Nathan the prophet.
Psalm 51 was the result of that. Possible one of the greatest Psalms ever written. Not only is it a Psalm of confession. It also has a very signicant doctrinal statement. King David States in verse 5, surely he was sinful at birth and in sin did he mother conceive him. This dismisses completely the idea that we are innocent at birth. There is a section of Christianity that thinks we are born innocent and learn sinful behaviour. Not so.
Because of this one wrong deed, David brings about the demise of the nation of Israel. He had it all. Trouble was, his guard was down. It is always at the height of success that we are most vulnerable and need to be vigilant.
Something else to think about. Jesus was the seed of a woman. Not of a man. Something to think about.
Till next time............

Tuesday 5th May 2015 - Almost 8 years.

That's how long I have been blogging for. It's a long time.
My children attend Karingal Primary School. It's 845 metres from our house to school. It's a good school for the most part. We pray for the teachers there and for our kids. The kids that they will learn what God wants them to learn. The teachers, that they will teach our kids what God wants our kids to learn. Our kids are good students who do well. Their reports are usually above average in most subjects. I may brag about our kids, but not about their ability acedamically. Their are some who just don't like it.
I do have one pet peeve however. There some specialist subjects and excursions. For most of them, the parents are required to fill in a form if they don't want their child to participate. However there is one subject that the parents are required to give permission for their child to attend. That subject is religious education. It is the only subject that parents must give approval for their child to do. So what's the issue, I hear you ask. The issue is that a lot of parents don't read the notices when their children bring them home. So the child does the subjects that have an opt out notice required, and don't do the subjects that have an opt in requirement. This, to me, suggest religious discrimination. There is a vocal minority who object to any form of religioun in school. They have been successful is having the parents requiring to approve of their child to participate and that permission is required in writing. That vocal group will deny this. But isn't it strange that only one subject has an opt in requirement, or is it just me being super sensitive?
Till next time.