Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday 30 May

Today is Stephanie's birthday. She got lots of presents. Some we don't talk about in blogs or in polite company. See her hair. That's one of the presents. No, the hair belongs to Stephanie. But last Thursday she had it cut, coloured, shampooed, and straightened. That was the first of her presents. 
Here is another. 
It's called a Beatspil II. I call it a boom box. I have one I use at work. Stephanie fell in love with it, so I got her one. It's red. That does mean it goes faster. But they do have an amazing sound quality. And they are so user friendly. I think that is one reason why she likes it so much. 
Then there was chocolates.
We have a tradition in this home for birthdays. What ever you want for your evening meal, you get. There is a shaghetti place that is excellent. Spaghetti Sofia it is called. And there is a dish by the same name. That was Stephanie's choice. And what the lady wants the lady gets. 
Oh, and then this afternoon she wanted an Android Tablet. So we went shopping for that. She paid for that. 
No, it's not too much. She is worth every last little bit of effort. Nothing is too much. Neither it should be. 
Then there is the birthday cake. Chocolate of course. No candles. But we did sing. Badly. But good all the same. 
Happy Birthday sweetheart. 73 today. 
Till next time...........

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday 8th May 2015 - Bragging

Today Tim had his one week X-ray. His broken arm is almost totally healed. The brake is still visible - just. The doctor wants to see him in five weeks time when the plaster cast will be removed. That was the good news. The bad was that he threw a massive hissy fit when we got home. All because he didn't want to wear a new arm sling that the doctor gave him. He spent well over an hour in his bedroom getting over it.
Cathy was amazingly tolerant. She was trying to do her reading and had to put up with loads of interruptions. She growned a lot but that was all. Good kid.
Michele has almost finished her pyjama pants she started making around a month ago. Not bad considering she only gets to work on them once a week on a Friday night.
Sunday here in Australia is Mother's Day. A certain lady will be very pampered on that day. She will be a lady of leisure that day.
Part of today's bible reading was from Psalm 32.
Psalm 32:1-2 Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity,And in whose spirit there is no deceit.
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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wednesday 6th May 2015 - Pinnacle

What's pinnacle got to do with anything? It's all to do with St Lukes Anglican Church here in Frankston. There are two Bible Reading plans in this Church. I think I have the link correct. The two plans are Basic and Everest. Everest is for those of us who are polishing our halos. It doesn't mean we are better than anyone else.
So, Everest for today was 2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51 and Matthew 23. It's basically about hypocrisy and covering sin. Deception is at the heart of it. King David was at the height of his career. King of Israel, defeating all in his path. Just about unstoppable. Enter woman. A drop dead gorgeous hunk of female flesh. And she was bathing. On her roof. Naked. Not a stitch on. And King David goes for a walk on his roof. And spots her. From there it's all down hill. It finishes with the death of their first child. Why? Not because they were adulterous. But because he tried to cover the sin. Fail. God tells Nathan the prophet.
Psalm 51 was the result of that. Possible one of the greatest Psalms ever written. Not only is it a Psalm of confession. It also has a very signicant doctrinal statement. King David States in verse 5, surely he was sinful at birth and in sin did he mother conceive him. This dismisses completely the idea that we are innocent at birth. There is a section of Christianity that thinks we are born innocent and learn sinful behaviour. Not so.
Because of this one wrong deed, David brings about the demise of the nation of Israel. He had it all. Trouble was, his guard was down. It is always at the height of success that we are most vulnerable and need to be vigilant.
Something else to think about. Jesus was the seed of a woman. Not of a man. Something to think about.
Till next time............

Tuesday 5th May 2015 - Almost 8 years.

That's how long I have been blogging for. It's a long time.
My children attend Karingal Primary School. It's 845 metres from our house to school. It's a good school for the most part. We pray for the teachers there and for our kids. The kids that they will learn what God wants them to learn. The teachers, that they will teach our kids what God wants our kids to learn. Our kids are good students who do well. Their reports are usually above average in most subjects. I may brag about our kids, but not about their ability acedamically. Their are some who just don't like it.
I do have one pet peeve however. There some specialist subjects and excursions. For most of them, the parents are required to fill in a form if they don't want their child to participate. However there is one subject that the parents are required to give permission for their child to attend. That subject is religious education. It is the only subject that parents must give approval for their child to do. So what's the issue, I hear you ask. The issue is that a lot of parents don't read the notices when their children bring them home. So the child does the subjects that have an opt out notice required, and don't do the subjects that have an opt in requirement. This, to me, suggest religious discrimination. There is a vocal minority who object to any form of religioun in school. They have been successful is having the parents requiring to approve of their child to participate and that permission is required in writing. That vocal group will deny this. But isn't it strange that only one subject has an opt in requirement, or is it just me being super sensitive?
Till next time.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Sunday 3rd May 2015 - Timothy

Tonight I am at Frankston Hospital with my son Tim. I call him Tim Tam. I have always called him Tim Tam and probably always will. He is 4 now. And he is the reason we are here. Seems he was running around our yard, tripped and fell on his arm. In the process, he broke his wrist. I was at work when this happened. He claims he fell off our roof. I can believe this.
So they X-rayed his arm and it's broke. He is being kept in for the night and I'm here with him. It's going to be a long night.
So, what does one do to pass the time? Blog. I haven't written a post in twelve months almost. Last time was about inerrancy of scripture. That got no response.
Now my friends tell me I'm too simplistic in my views. Am I?  I suppose so.
But isn't that a good thing? Keep It Simple Stupid. Sounds good to me.
Take climate change. It's dead easy. Solar power. Uses no fossil fuel. Or oil.
Want to reduce carbon? Plant trees. Lots of them. See a bare patch of ground? Poke a tree in it. And mill trees. Grow the tree. Then cut it down and use the timber to build furniture.
Asylum seekers? Easy as falling off a log. If they land on a boat (they call them Boat People here) ask them where they came from. Get them to sign a piece of paper about it. Then accept them in on their word. But, if they brake the laws of this land, send them back to the country they stated they came from. How hard is that?
Here is another pet peeve. We are getting people in to harvest our veggies. But we have unemployed people here.  Something wrong with that picture. I say get our unemployed doing that work. And if they don't want to do it, cut off their benefits. Simple. And safe our county a bucket load of taxes at the same time. Then maybe we can afford to pay our age pensioners a living pension instead of the pittance we do.
Ok, I think I have upset enough people now.
But wait, there's more. Faithful is He Who calleth you Who will also do it.
Till next time.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Inerrancy of scripture.

This is a very interesting question.
But...... Before we even get to this point we have to decide if we believe the Bible is the written word of God. All other questions hinge on the answer to this vital question.
Me? Yes. I believe the Bible is the written word of God.
Is the Bible without error? If the answer to the previous question is yes, this question is irrelevant.
Next question. Is the Bible to be interpreted literally? Yes/no. I prefer to say the Bible should be interpreted seriously.
Is the Book of Genesis a historical account? I believe so. That doesn't mean that it can't be looked at allegorically. It can. Neither is conclusive. God is the master of the understatement. He gives us certain details and then leaves us to fill in the blanks.
So, following on from that question: should one believe that the world was created in seven days? The Bible says so. But...... God works outside of time and space. For example, there was a time when the earth had 360 days per year. Now it is 365 days. There have been times, recorded times, where time has stood still in order for God to complete a task.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sheepyard or bust...........

And we nearly did.
This was a blokes only trip. If you can call a three year old a bloke. Can you? I don't know.
This trip was 6 months in the planning. Lots of day dreaming and even more map pouring over.
The idea was to leave here on Thursday and be back here on Sunday. Here is Frankston Victoria, for those of you not in the know. It was to be me and my 3 year old son Tim. We had already done one trip on our own earlier this year and that was a screaming success. This trip was a repeat. No women. No girls. (Girls are yucky.) No phone. No internet. No TV. No showers. And we could grunt at each other without someone asking what was said or what was that noise.
 This was us. At departure point.
First stop Yea for lunch and a visit with a train driver, now retired, that I hadn't seen for years. He had a stroke and was forced into retirement. I had not stopped at Yea before and was very surprised to see how historical the place was. I was also very pleased to see my mate much better than I thought he would be. Tim amazed me. Salad sandwich and a choc milk went down the hatch.
 Yea is or was a train siding. Tim decided the play ground at the rear of the old station was a good place to get rid of some energy. His as well as mine.
 This is just east of Mansfield. The views out here are endless and stunning. Even on a cloudy day.
After leaving Mansfield, things got warm, very warm. Hot even. First hint of trouble was the first hill after turning onto the Howqua Track. The temperature went up as the speed went down. It is 21 kilometres from the turn off to Brock's Road to arrival at Sheepyard Flat. Eight up, thirteen down. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what the temperature gauge did. Yes, it is a steep hill. Yes I was towing a camper. But it wasn't that steep and the camper not that heavy and Toy80 wasn't exactly overloaded. Over the next 8 kilometres I was stop 4 times with the motor the temperature in the red. Each time I would pop the hood and let things cool down. Then drive on a bit. It turns out the viscous fan may be the problem. I was able to get phone reception and phoned my mechanic back in Frankston. He informed me that the fan should roar when the vehicle is started from cold and then when the temperature reaches a certain point, it should lock in again to pull the temperature down. His theory, as yet unproven, is that the liquid in the clutch had leaked out.
 Camp. Thursday night. And my little helper. And his sisters bike. In his on little way he helped. Here he is putting the door on its hinge so the door wouldn't slam.
Then I discover. No tea. No coffee. No can opener. Can you imagine 3 days without tea or coffee. Only Coca Cola and water to drink. Can you imagine 3 days: no tea, no coffee.
But we did have our very own on-suite.
 And there is the proof. And while I am at it, can some one explain to me why a drop pit toilet is so fascinating to a 3 year old boy? Sure beats me.
What's a drop pit toilet? It is a huge hole in the ground. About 3 metres deep, with a pan cemented on top.
Set up on site took about 45 minutes. That included setting up the fly's and the side awning. Tim's part was to hand things to me as I asked for them. Levelling the van was very easy. We had a fire pit nice and handy.
After setting up the van we decided to go far a walk around the camp to see who was there.  This is in fact our second visit to Sheepyard. Last year there was a Dads and Kids weekend that was on.They had been there the previous weekend. Why do I mention that? Because they were there last year when we arrived and were still there when we left. We were there from Friday through Sunday last year. They had one big long noisy party. That party went through the night.
Last year we were there with the Jayco Expanda forum meet up. This year in the spot we had last year there was a Tracka Van meet up. They took both sides of the track on the right hand site.Last year the Expanda group only took up half that area. Lots of people. They had been there all week. Turns out there are 200 people in the Tracka Van club. They are Australia wide and have some event for members almost fortnightly. There was one big difference between them and the Expanda group. Where as we have lots of younger families and lots and lots of children, they are most grey nomads.
Day two. Exploring day.
But first the morning. Oh, what a morning. The bush is quiet they said. Very relaxing they said. Good for a sleep in' in the morning they said. Yeah, right!! Either they wear ear plugs, they are very sound sleepers, or they are stone deaf. Some one forgot the morning chorus. I tell you, no chorus I heard was ever that loud. Or I might add, that good.
No pictures of Sheepyard this time. We havel have fond memories of last years event. Would you believe that despite my eldest girl being the way she was last year, she still talks about how much she enjoyed the event.
After a late breakfast it was exploring time. On foot to start with. Another circuit around the ground saw most of the Tracka group gone and what was left, packing up ready to go. I was impressed with how quickly they could pack up. Although some of the backing up to put van on car was shall we say, interesting. Amusing even.
 The above image is the Howqua river. They tell me one can catch trout in there. I have been fishing in over 20 years.
And I have to include this one.
I really wish I had a better picture of this bridge. When you arrive at the entrance to Sheepyard Flat camp ground you go across a bridge over the river Howqua. Well this one also help a fascination to a certain 3 year old. We had to walk that bridge twice. Then he wanted to get down to the river. Mind you, so did I. Look at the grass. Still very green and lush. I took my whipper sniper this year so I could clear around our site.
 There are many camp grounds along the Howqua. It is a very popular spot in the Victorian High country. This one is further on than Sheepyard. We walked over the hill to Davon Flat. It only takes about 15 minutes. Davon Flat hugs the river and is quite long. Like most camp grounds it has a drop pit toilet. All the camp grounds to the left of Sheepyard are smaller in comparison. It also does pay to take some way of trimming the grass.
The above picture is the entrance to Pickering Flats.
 Further on is Noonan's and Tunnel Bend grounds. This image is of Tunnel Bend. So named because some where there is a tunnel in there. Note also the clear water. I also saw people going down to the river with kettle to draw water for cooking and coffee. We had our own water supply. maybe next time.
That was our morning. Lunch on that day was breakfast. That is, bacon eggs and cucumber. Cucumber you say? Ask Tim. And surprising it was nice.
The afternoon we decided to drive over the hill to Fly's Hut camp ground. What a surprise.
 This place is huge. Big even. Like large even. Every one goes to Sheepyard. There is a better one. Just over the hill. And the views are magnificent. There is only one possible small problem. And that's really only if you have a huge van. The hill in between. That hill is a cracker. Very steep. very narrow track. You seriously don't want to meet a van coming the other way.
 And that is only about a half of the site. Plenty of room to spread out. The only draw back is the hill in between.

Another view. Tim loved it and so did I. He could run. And fall over. But so much fun. And, yes, the river is there. Cool mornings, warm sunny days.

 You think we enjoyed the trip and this place? You bet!
That was Friday. Walking, a little driving. Lots of relaxing. No coffee. No tea. Just me-n-Tim. No women. No phone. No internet. No TV.
Would I do it again? Not to Sheepyard. I want to go north of Buller next time.
Saturday dawned cold. Very cold. Some neighbours had a party on the Friday night. Till two AM. And that party was set to continue on the Saturday night into Sunday. And Sunday was set to be warmer.
I decided we would brave the hill out of Sheepyard on the Saturday morning when it would be cold with little traffic, knowing I would have at least one stop for an overheating motor. I was right. We were to stop three times on the way up that 13 kilometre hill on the way out.
After clearing the hill, it was down hill all the way. Even though there were a few times when the temperature gauge rose, nothing like that hill.
What's the lesson? There isn't one really. The vehicle was in top condition. And there is no way of knowing that a thermo clutch is about to go pear shape. And the problem was only there on steep hill at low speed.
Hope you all enjoy.
 They say camping and exploring gets in the blood. It does. We have done this one. Now we are planning the next. So watch this space.